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Frequently Asked Questions


 When is the garbage pick up schedule?

Garbage pick up is every Thursday (unless followed by a Holiday), by Sander Sanitation.   If a holiday should fall on Monday through Thursday, trash pick up services will be delayed until Friday.  Pick-ups are usually in the afternoon, however they may choose to start early, so you may want to put your toter out early in the morning, or the night before.

For added convenience, there are two yard wastes disposal dumpster located on 1
st St., between Main St. and Vilas St., for yard waste debris.  These yard waste dumpsters are reserved for in-town residents only.  The disposal of any material in these dumpsters that is not classified as yard waste material is strictly prohibited.  Violation of this requirement will result in a $250.00 fine.  

 When do I need a Floodplain Development Permit?

A Floodplain Development Permit is REQUIRED for ANY MAN-MADE CHANGES to improved or unimproved real estate located within the 100-year floodplain.

 A Floodplain Development Permit is required in addition to a building permit to ensure that a broader range of activities are addressed.  These activities not only include building construction, but also the placement of manufactured homes, prefabricated buildings, gas or liquid storage tanks, fences, sidewalks, patios, flowerbeds, retaining walls, etc., as well as flood control and irrigation facilities, bridges, culverts, fill, grading, mining, and dredging.

 Floodplain Development Permits are a regulated requirement for any community that participates in the FEMA NFI (National Flood Insurance) program.  They are regulated by FEMA and are inspected and reviewed by FEMA personnel periodically at the Hermosa Town Office.  All man-made changes must be permitted through a Floodplain Development Permit.  Any properties found out of compliance through FEMA inspections put the Town at risk of being removed from of the FEMA NFI program.  Being removed from this program would result in the inability for ALL homeowners to purchase any type of flood insurance (not just the out of compliance property).

FEMA’s requirements for Floodplain Development Permits assure that in the case of a flood, the structures and changes we make within the floodplain will not have a major impact on the natural flow of water.  These regulations pertain to general zoning law principles and are not personal in nature.

An Established Base Flood Elevation (BFE) is required for most Floodplain Development Permits.  Often times, if you have had an elevation certificate issued for your property, this elevation may be transferred over to the Floodplain Development Permit.  However, if no elevation certificate has been issued, or additional elevation calculations are required, it is up to the applicant to hire a surveyor or engineer to determine these elevations. There is $100 application fee for the floodplain development permit, in addition to a Floodplain Administrator compliance-inspection review fee ranging from $100 to $500 based on the size of the project and zoning of the property.  Please note the applicant shall be responsible for any additional inspection costs incurred that are above and beyond these quoted fees and will be billed accordingly.

 What are the government office hours?

Hermosa Town Office Business Hours: 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday (with the exception of Holidays, Law Enforcement, and scheduled meetings).  On occasion, the office may be closed due to a scheduling conflict, illness, or for training seminars.

The Hermosa Town Office will be closed on the following holidays:

New Years Day

Presidents Day

Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day

Columbus/Native American Day

Veterans Day

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day


 Does the Town Office have a notary?

Yes! Office hours M-F 8:00am - 5:00pm. $10.00 per signature.

Remember: Do not sign your document until you get here.

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